The one thing we all have in common is childhood,                          many of us are still in it, many of us can’t run far enough away            from it. The key is to honor the child we once were and move              on to a healthy and happier life.

My Inner Child Dolls are inspired by my art from childhood memories of joy, fear, anxiety, and innocence.  I began making them into 3D art dolls to give people the opportunity to reconnect with their own childhood to heal old wounds or rediscover the joy, fun and innocence of your younger years.

These unique dolls are meant to be painted, colored, stitched, glittered, glued, honored, cherished, loved and hugged. Each one of them is made by hand hoping to find the right person to inspire. Great for Kids of any age!

Meet My Inner Child Dolls 

The Brat- Stubborn, Angry, whiny, foot stomping PIA. She gets what she wants and no is never an option.

The Diva- Look at Me! Loves to dress up and show off. Loves the bling, the frills and the ruffles. She’s your ultimate girly-girl with attitude.

Googly-Eye- Shy, Awkward, quiet, and bashful, he’s a late bloomer, always on the outside looking in, a gem in disguise.

Dreamer- AKA “Super girl”- Loves to play and pretend, she wants to save the world and make it a better place, she’s a dreamer and always wants to help others.

Innocent- Shy and timid, needs a boost of self confidence.

The Happy Couple- He doesn’t have a clue, and she wonders why. It could be new love or years of togetherness, Who Knows!

*Blank Canvas- By popular demand I have created the "blank canvas" My Inner Child Doll. This androgenous creature is yours to personalize.