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My 11 year old... I am an incest survivor, I was abused for all of my age 11 I disconnected from my world which left me unable to feel emotions and living outside of my body for the last 42 years...this doll was painted to show the moment I left my body...the metal I am wearing is a real Purple Heart that my twin sister was given while in the navy...she gave it to me because she feels I have earned it... Cindy Wasilewski

I have been using My Inner Child Dolls in my Art Therapy practice and have found them to be a great tool. I feel they are especially good for object relations interventions used with individuals that are coping with divorce, abuse and trauma. These dolls are a great addition to sessions when working with defiant behavior, adjustment behaviors, ADD/HD, Tourette's, selective mutes and medical issues. There are countless populations that could benefit from these dolls. The dolls can increase self esteem, empower, increase verbalization, build healthier relationships, assist with bullying issues and peer pressure. I can see every therapist including these dolls in their practice.

Jessica Fox MA, ATR-BC, LCAT
Licensed Creative Arts Therapist
I came across Beth's Inner Child dolls when I was searching for a way to make my inner child more tangible to me. With a background of sexual abuse, I was able to make dolls for all of the ages that I had struggled through. This helped me immensely, I was able to bring the dolls to therapy and begin to sort through feelings that I had pushed away so many years ago. Knowing how much Beth's dolls had helped me, I bought dolls for my therapy group for Christmas. The dolls brought tears to many in the group before they had even painted and decorated them! After the dolls had been decorated they became a catalyst for emotions many had denied themselves from feeling. The Therapists who saw how these dolls had helped, ended up having me order more dolls to use with other clients! A very simple idea with profound results for many.
Thank you Beth! Thanks again for the opportunity to provide this testimonial for such a worth while product!