Benefits & Donating Dolls

How Can My Inner Child Doll benefit             someone you know or love?

Healing Doll or a                                                                                            Comfort Doll                                                                                                  Inpatient hospital setting with terminally ill children and children with medical conditions that frequesnt the hospital. Children are directed to make a doll that will comfort them or make them fell better when they are scared of feel alone in the hospital or with tough procedures. Children can also draw specific inner organs that they may be having operations or surgery on and put band aids on those areas to help symbolize and foster the healing process.

Creative Doll                                                                                                                                              Art as Therapy; the act of art making heals. The children are told to make their individual doll using a variety of materials.

Me Doll                                                                                                             Individual therapy; self portrait. Allowing the child to make it for them         about them.

Feeling Doll                                                                                                        Have the child express their feelings; the doll will represent those feelings through color, shape, expression and words.

*It is also a great doll to use with children who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. These dolls can be healing, comforting or assist in telling the story of where on their bodies they were victimized, how they feel, security doll.

Member of the American Art Therapy Association

The Gift of Giving and Receiving  

There are kids of all ages that could benefit from having a My Inner Child Doll. Being creative is essential to our well being and can be a springboard for all types of healing.

Not only will one of these dolls benefit a kid of any age it will also be in good karma for the individual who sends it. Give a unexpected wonderful gift!

(All Dolls are packaged in a cellophane bag and come with an acrylic paint set & brush)

You can send one to someone you know or send it to a specific place where a child will receive it.

How it works:

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We will ship the doll for you anywhere in the world.

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